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Jane Spencer Cagle was born in Dallas, Texas on September 1, 1923. She attended Lipscomb Grammar School, J .L. Long Junior High, Woodrow Wilson High School, and Southern Methodist University.

During college, Jane was a model for several months, and earned her BS in Home Economics.

On June 10, 1944, Jane married Ross Bertrand Spencer. Mr. Spencer declined four appointments to West Point and was accepted an appointment at Annapolis. His undergraduate degree was in aeronautical engineering, and he also received a masters of aeronautical engineering. He was also an advanced mathematician.

Mr. Spencer was aboard the Minneapolis when Pearl Harbor was attacked. As an aviator, Mr. Spencer became a Captain in the U. S. Navy and headed the Memphis, TN naval squadron at Millington. Captain Spencer retired from Navy in 1953 to assist Jane’s father in his successful oil business. Additionally, he attended law school and received a degree in law. Captain Spencer died in 1995 leaving Jane Spencer and their children, Sally, Rand, Nancy.

Jane met Vice Admiral Malcolm W. Cagle at the class reunion for Annapolis graduates to which widows and widowers are invited. Jane married the Admiral.

Admiral Cagle served as Administrative Aid to Secretary of the Navy at the Pentagon where he wrote speeches for Secretary of the Navy. He authored “Sea Wars in Korea”
and two other books. The Admiral also founded two still published military journals “Foundation” and “Wings of Gold.” In July of 2003, Admiral Cagle died.

At age 79, Jane had outlived “two wonderful husbands” to whom she had been the homemaker and strength giver and pillar of support. “The thing I am most proud of is they were both such honorable men.”

Jane’s interests included Black Gold Club for wives of oil investors, Triangle Club, Town Club, Southern Luncheon Club, Los Camaradus where she at one time served as president of each. Jane was an avid bridge player. She was a singer in the opera chorus and a soloist for churches.

Within the last 6 months Jane has had regular monthly bridge parties at her house for two tables of 4 each. She does the preparations, shines the silver, and all this in spite of her disease.

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