Promising Results

Actual Immunotherapy Case Histories

Cancer patients from time to time experience remissions or cures not associated with surgery, radiotherapy, direct cytotoxic chemotherapy, or other well recognized and established interventions with clearly evidenced mechanism. Individual case histories of such patients typically shed no light on the causal events or processes upon which these unusual favorable outcomes depended. Because such patients exist in complex emotional, social, medicinal, and nutritional environments, many hypotheses of cause and effect are plausible. Also because such cases lack quantifiable evidence of mechanism, these anecdotal successes become irretrievably unscientific.

But recent changes in objective tools available to the clinician allow a more scientific approach. Many carcinomas secrete one or more serologic biomarkers (SB) of tumor activity. The trend over time of these markers such as CEA, IAP, and LASA-P is indicative of tumor progression or regression.

Our observations suggest these tools may convert “anecdotal” remissions or cures to a more comprehensible and more rational causal basis. We here advance the hypothesis that anomalously superior survival may correlate meaningfully with an increase in natural killer (NK) cells, and that SB and NK% determinations contribute to an objective basis for a science of clinical immunotherapy applicable to individual patients. If unusual remissions in carcinoma patients are more often found to be associated with extraordinarily high NK%, we believe that elevated NK% will prove to be useful as prognostic indicator. Here we highlight several case histories which show a correlation between a rise in natural killer cells and the use of our individually tailored regimens of immunotherapy.

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