Agents Used

Agents Used
Biological Response Modifiers

We use substances known as biological response modifiers (BRM’s) to strengthen the body’s immune system. BRM’s consist of vitamins, hormones and other natural drugs, such as the following employed by the Center.

Until recently, there were only limited studies on the use and effectiveness of these BRMs, but as certain ones have shown to have a marked increase in survival when paired with radiation therapy, they have gained credibility and are becoming accepted as an effective addition to standard treatment methods.

» Cyclical Gonadal Hormones
» Ascorbic Acid Mixture
» Vitamin E
» Cimetidine
» Selenium
» Interferon Beta
» Interleukin-2 (IL-2)
» Melatonin
» Low Dose Bromocriptine (Parlodel™)
» Pharmacological Dose Vitamin C and Interrupted Oral Bromocriptine