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A suppressor T-lymphocyte blocker

For reasons that are unclear, cancer patients experience a marked overgrowth of a population of lymphocytes known as suppressor T-lymphocytes. These cells act to prevent or obstruct immune mediated cancer offensives: these cells are “breaks” in the immune system. Abundantly documented in the experimental literature is a much improved immune function in patients and experimental animals who have been given Cimetidine (Tagamet).

While this effect is well proven by numerous reports in the scientific literature, this effect is not marketed by drug companies because of the expense involved to get FDA approval. Use of cimetidine by physicians for immune restoration in cancer patients is an “off label use”. Off label use of FDA approved medications by physicians is both legal and ethical.

Cimetidine has many drug interactions. However, no other drug in its class has an investigational literature documenting comparable enhancement of immune function. Furthermore, a sizable literature of extraordinary remissions and apparent cures in cases of apparently incurable cancer have been reported with cimetidine in both animals (cimetidine is used in veterinary practice) and people.

A Bibliography of Literature: Cimetidine (Cmt) Causes Suppressor T-cell Blockade

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