Financial Information

Our Coordinator Can Help

Unlike many websites, North Central Mississippi Regional Cancer Center requires no “up front” cash payments. We accept Medicare as well as most private insurances. For those patients that have no insurance, payment arrangements can be made during the initial conversation with The Coordinator.

While we accept Medicaid for those Mississippians seeking care, most state funded medical insurance programs do not make payments to out-of state providers. Please contact your medical insurance carrier for further information.

Many of the prescription drugs used in our care plans are covered by insurance. In cases where they are not covered, we have Coordinators that work with each patient to evaluate manufacturer’s programs, charities, etc. to minimize the cost to the patient.

Our ultimate objective is to offer the best in care and service to our patients while controlling their costs. Our Coordinator held an insurance agent license for five years. He can help you better understand your benefits as well as your direct costs. Should you have questions regarding your particular situation, please contact our Coordinator at 888-626-7727.